My vision is to guide people to emotional and sexual liberation. I believe that by creating space to deconstruct shame and conditioning, we can experience deeper pleasure, healing and embody more love for ourselves and others.


I have specially curated my studio to create a safe, inviting, tranquil space for you to relax and drop into your body.

Private, clean studio

  • Designed to be secluded from noise or disturbances
  • Help you focus on yourself and the experience
  • Well lit, if you prefer it to be...

A more intimate experience

  • Low to no light option
  • Carefully curated environment
  • Designed to reflect your specific goals

What is Tantra?

The foundation of tantra is the connection to ourselves and the world we live in. It is made up of a variety of practices and ways of living including meditation, breath work, massage, energy work, and sacred intimacy. These tools allow us to witness the divine within ourselves and everything around us. By accessing the divine, we can dive into deeper healing, mindfulness, intimacy and ecstatic pleasure by dismantling shame and building framework for safety.