Here’s what clients have said about their experience with me.

Virginia’s Experience

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“Patrick was absolutely amazing!  He was referred to me by someone in passing, who I did not personally know, and I am glad I took the chance and listened to her recommendation.  He took the time out of his busy schedule to call me to answer any questions, explain the process, and what to expect with the massage.  He was easy to talk to and was very professional.  Once I arrived for my scheduled massage, he was extremely nice and again very professional.  He took the time once again to answer any questions and make sure I was comfortable.  The atmosphere was fantastic, lighting, music, décor, etc.   Absolutely nothing was rushed and it was easy to feel connected to him.  The entire massage was incredible!  He certainly knows his way around the body.  I do not think I have ever had a better massage!  He covered everything from the scalp and face to my feet.  The whole experience was completely fabulous.  I left feeling like a new person and will definitely be booking with him again!” ~Jenna